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PathXL - Excellence In Tumor Analysis White Papers

PathXL - Excellence In Tumor Analysis

TMA Toolbox: A Complete On-Line Management Application For Tissue Microarray The tissue microarray (TMA) was first described by Kononen in 1998, and represents a high-throughput technology for the assessment of histology-based specimens and can include such modalities as H&E sections, immunohistochemistry and fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH).
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PATHXL Simulator: An On-line Diagnostic Training and Simulation Package Designed Educators and pathology professionals have realized the gap between the safe enclosed learning space of the classroom and the diversity of life experiences that exist in the reporting room. There is a desire to extend the fundamental limitations of one-on-one microscope training. It is into this arena that diagnostic simulation is making an impact.
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Picture Perfect - Bioimaging Digital Pathology Digital pathology is revolutionising the fi eld of bioimaging by reducing operational costs, improving quality and enabling researchers to fast-track the discovery of novel tissue-based biomarkers for companion diagnostics through automated tissue imaging
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