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Modgraph Consultants - Chemistry, Cheminformatics and Molecular Modelling Software Solutions

Modgraph Consultants Ltd. is an international software company specialising in the pharmaceutical industry, offering software solutions in chemistry, cheminformatics and molecular modelling.

We provide "turnkey" software solutions, as well as custom and semi-custom applications to fit your unique needs.

Chemical information and chemical structure representation

We have extensive experience in chemical information and the subtleties of chemical structure representation as well as integration of propriety systems from different suppliers. Our MGChem suite provides unprecedented power for your chemistry information needs, far more than just "cheminformatics".

Chemical information consultancy

Our expertise ranges from a number of years of experience in the fine chemicals / pharmaceutical sector combined with an extensive knowledge of several different chemical information systems, to the highest level of programming in C, C++, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, Delphi, HTML and DHTML. We also have expertise in developing applications on Microsoft Windows and Unix platforms.

Chemical information systems programming

We specialise in chemical information systems programming. Therefore, if you need your systems modified, brought up to date or totally (re)constructed, contact us for highly competitve solutions. We promise that we can help you solve your chemical information problems.


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