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MIC Customs Solutions - Software Solutions for Global Customs Management

MIC Customs Solutions is the worldwide leading provider of global customs solutions. MIC customs software is used by more than 700 customers, in 45+ countries, on five continents. We provide our customers with a high-quality, user-friendly suite of software products, which undergo continuous enhancements and developments.

Enabling you to better manage your international customs processes

This allows us to ensure that our customers can rely on us to efficiently enable customs processes and to meet compliance requirements, providing a payback for the investment of our customers in our system. With true global 24 hour support and comprehensive solutions we enable you to better manage your international customs processes.

Why implement a global customs solution?

In a fast expanding world economy, multinational companies have the opportunity to reduce customs management costs and to speed up cargo movement. To increase efficiency, ensure transparency and minimize compliance risks, the appropriate tools must be integrated into your global supply chain.


Every country has different customs and trade regulations. From the European Union Customs Code (UCC) to Canadian CSA processes to the US ABI or Thailand FZ requirements.

Standardize global business processes on a single technology platform

Our solutions help clients leverage the similarities within global customs law and standardize global business processes on a single technology platform designed for global cross border trade. By understanding the intricacies of regional regulations MIC is poised to assist clients in automating global requirements.

Advantages of MIC's Global Trade Management Platform

  • Savings in terms of time and customs expenses
  • Increased data quality with less time and effort
  • Minimal manual data entry and corrections
  • Optimized customs supply chain to speed up logistics processes
  • Direct contact with WCO (World Customs Organization), European Union, TSN (US Trade and Support Network) and national customs authorities
  • Direct electronic communications with the national customs administrations' systems
  • Web-enabled and secure access for customs departments and third parties through intranet and internet (global platform)
  • Role based and field based security concept
  • Increased flexibility for changing business and legal conditions
  • One global standardized customs system
  • Global Content Management for the various customs processes (e.g. Tariff, Sanction Lists, Free Trade Agreement Rulings, Export Control Regulations, etc.)
  • Each MIC product can be used independently or in combination with other products as part of a Global Trade Management (GTM) platform covering the entire world of customs software solutions

In-House Solution or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Whether for a global player with hundreds of customs clearances daily, a mid-sized enterprise with a high import/export load, or a logistics provider - MIC offers global customs management software solutions for all levels.

If delivered as In-House Solution MIC installs the software directly at the customer or at its service provider. The advantage: low running expenses.

If delivered as Software as a Service MIC makes software available via our data centers. Optionally MIC offers managed services to free you from your daily customs work. The advantage? Low investment expenses and "pay per use" cost savings.

MIC Services

At MIC Customs Solutions, specialists in various areas assist in facilitating your company's needs and requirements: from configuring customs software, to the product implementation and integration into existing company processes, support during the go live phase, on through to application support, maintenance and 24/7 service. Your MIC Services: Daily. Around the Clock. Around the World.

All our project team leaders are Project Management Professionals® (PMP) or hold equivalent qualifications. PMP is the most widely recognized certification worldwide in the project management sector. In addition, our employees work according to the guidelines of Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI).


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