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Accelrys - Paperless Lab Initiatives Support Corporate Financial Goals Accelrys AG, based in Liestal, Switzerland, is the leading provider of Paperless Lab Solutions. Eighty per cent of Accelrys customer base is in the regulated industry with repeat business from more than 40 customers in 12 countries. As a service provider to the life-science industry Accelrys is certified according to ISO9001:2008.
Automation > IT & Software > Suppliers Accuri Cytometers - Flow Cytometry Accuri Cytometers, Inc. was founded to address a compelling need: life scientists love the rapid analysis capability of flow cytometers, but too few have a flow cytometer in their lab.
Automation > IT & Software > Suppliers Anoto - Providing Unique Technology for Digital Pen and Paper Founded in 1999, Anoto Group AB is the pioneering leader of Digital Pen & Paper technology that optimises paper-based processes by rapidly and reliably converting handwritten text from paper to digital media.
Automation > IT & Software > Suppliers ANSYS - Pharmaceutical Engineering Simulation Software ANSYS, Inc. develops and distributes engineering simulation software capable of reproducing, with great accuracy, numerous processes involved in pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology applications.
Automation > IT & Software > Suppliers Aris Global - Integrated Software Solutions and Services for Life Sciences Aris Global is a leading developer of integrated software solutions and services for pharmacovigilance and safety, regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical information.
Automation > IT & Software > Suppliers Axiom Real Time Metrics - EDC Solutions As experts in EDC products and implementation, we help simplify the potential challenges of using EDC. We assist with technology, personnel and process.
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