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PharmaVigilant unveils new drug accountability system

PBR Staff Writer Published 07 December 2012

PharmaVigilant has released I-Accountability, a drug accountability system, that tracks and controls drug inventory and randomization.

I-Accountability decreases workload at the site by centralising and automating the drug accountability process as well as improving compliance and advancing study timelines.

The system also features QR code and offers clients with access to inventory status through their smartphones, supply management and ongoing drug monitoring.

I-Accountability, in terms of patient randomization, replaces phone and paper based randomization methods and retrieves randomization numbers and corresponding details, thereby notifying shippers and other participants of medication requirements throughout the supply chain by email alerts.

I-Accountability also creates reorder requests for damaged products.

PharmaVigilant president and CEO James DeSanti said I-Accountability offers clients a complete life-cycle service for their clinical trial medications.

"With trials containing thousands of subjects across multiple sites/countries in need of study drugs or placebos, immediate access to this information is crucial in order to manage the drug/asset supply chain,'' DeSanti added.

''We have incorporated QR code functionality to leverage mobile hardware already existent in the field."