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Pharma manufacturer adopts ALSCG MemberMATCH solution

PBR Staff Writer Published 02 April 2012

Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG) has deployed its MemberMATCH group purchasing organization (GPO) solution at a top-five pharmaceutical manufacturer.

MemberMATCH solution is designed to centralize critical data sources, reducing and eliminating manual processing, thereby increasing compliance.

The MemberMATCH membership automation solution also provides key functions, including a demographic verification and Class of Trade (COT) validation.

ALSCG consulting operations senior vice president Ed Masterson said the MemberMATCH solution strengthened the integrity of the data within the manufacturer's existing GPO membership system of record.

"From a workload perspective, this resulted in a 45% decrease in processes associated with membership management," Masterson added.

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