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Ingenuity launches iReport solution for gene expression analysis

PBR Staff Writer Published 04 April 2012

Ingenuity Systems and Life Technologies have introduced Ingenuity iReport solution for Real-Time PCR optimized for TaqMan gene expression assays.

Ingenuity iReport for Real-Time PCR provides a rapid and comprehensive understanding of pathways, processes, and diseases relevant to gene expression results.

The new solution is an interactive report that extends analysis beyond Ct or fold-changes to an accurate and dynamic view of the biological information relevant to a gene expression experiment.

Life Technologies Genetic Analysis head Chris Linthwaite said by integrating iReport into the company's portfolio will enable the customers to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery quickly connecting data to biological meaning.

Ingenuity Systems CEO Jake Leschly said with iReport for Real-Time PCR they have designed a product that will help researchers identify relevant biology from gene expression experiments.

TATAA Biocenter in Goteborg, Sweden, founder Mikael Kubista said by uploading the study data to iReport, they were able to see the biology underlying the statistical results, and develop new hypotheses based on the differentially expressed pathways involved in the single cell experiments.