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Accenture, BioCelerate partner to advance biopharmaceutical innovation

Published 11 April 2017

Accenture and TransCelerate BioPharma's subsidiary BioCelerate have partnered to advance biopharmaceutical innovation through increased insights in research & development.

The platform will enable BioCelerate's member companies to aggregate and analyze preclinical and clinical information to improve drug development efficiency and bring new medicines to patients faster.

Kevin Julian, senior managing director, Accenture Life Sciences North America and Accelerated R&D Services said: “The ability to collect and leverage large amounts of precompetitive information to create new insights in the R&D process is an important development in the preclinical research space.

“We are eager to collaborate with BioCelerate on this critical initiative to further enable the sharing of data to maximize the value of preclinical and clinical research and deliver better patient outcomes.”

The R&D data sharing platform will be built on the Accenture Insights Platform. The Accenture Insights Platform provides a portfolio of advanced analytics capabilities, and an integrated design, build, run environment, to enable the development of industry and function-specific analytics solutions.

The platform will provide participating member companies the ability to assimilate, aggregate, and analyze de-identified preclinical and clinical information, enabling them to draw their respective conclusions from a large data set. The platform will be used initially to support BioCelerate’s first collaborative project, Toxicology & Background Control Data Sharing, to enhance product safety.

Mike Graziano Ph.D., DABT, Vice President of Drug Safety Evaluation at BMS and lead for the BioCelerate initiative said: “Sharing preclinical data among the BioCelerate member companies can be a powerful tool for improving drug discovery and development. With this initiative, BioCelerate members will be able to make more informed decisions on compound progression based on a better understanding of preclinical safety data.”

Dalvir Gill, Ph.D. CEO of TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc. said: “Accenture’s deep expertise in life sciences, digital, analytics, and clinical data-related services will be instrumental in delivering this new platform and builds on the multi-year relationship between Accenture and TransCelerate. All BioCelerate member companies recently signed a collaborative Data Sharing Agreement outlining the guidelines of the data that will be shared across companies.

“This, along with selecting Accenture to build and host the global data sharing platform, marks another significant milestone in advancing the industry. We are truly excited for the long-term strategic vision of this platform and envisage a future whereby drug developers can connect preclinical, clinical and other data types within the same data sharing platform.”

Following launch of the platform, data from TransCelerate’s Placebo Standard of Care Data Sharing (PSoC) initiative will be migrated, creating the foundation for additional preclinical and clinical data sharing across member companies.

The PSoC initiative was established to maximize the value of historic clinical data collected during clinical trials, and was the first cross-therapeutic, multi-sponsor clinical data sharing initiative of its kind designed to improve trial design and safety surveillance.

In October 2015, Accenture was selected by TransCelerate to support its PSoC initiative which has converted data for over 80 trials and more than 67,000 patients across seven therapeutic areas such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Source: Company Press Release