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Accelrys unveils modeling and simulation software

PBR Staff Writer Published 21 June 2012

Accelrys has released Discovery Studio 3.5 modeling and simulation software in the company's European Science Symposium in Brussels.

The solution enhances Discovery Studio's portfolio of small-molecule ligand design and market-leading biological simulation tools.

The software works on a spatial aggregation propensity algorithm and Developability Index issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in collaboration with Novartis Pharma.

Accelrys Vice President Matt Hahn said the current economic squeeze on scientific resources across industries is counterbalanced by a continuing critical need for scientific innovation and excellence.

"Deploying Discovery Studio modeling and simulation software on the scientifically aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform can help organizations meet the critical performance, cost and innovation goals that define today's increasingly information-driven R&D environments,"Matt added.