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Accelrys completes roll-out of next-generation cheminformatics suite

PBR Staff Writer Published 24 September 2013

Accelrys, a US-based provider of lifecycle management solutions, has completed the roll-out of its next-generation cheminformatics suite, with the launch of Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel.

Both the solutions will help in offering an interactive, collaborative environment for fast and effective decision-making in drug discovery.

With the new solutions, research scientists will have a new way of accessing, visualizing and analyzing data that is locked in disparate locations across internal discovery teams and networked external partners, and will help in bringing new therapeutics to market quickly and cost effectively.

Accelrys president and CEO Max Carnecchia said currently life sciences organizations are struggling to bring new drugs to market in part because discovery teams lack the ability to make informed and fast decisions about research projects.

"Data crucial to drug discovery is often locked in silos and inaccessible, forcing research teams to make decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate and often outdated information," Carnecchia added.

"The launch of Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel raises the bar for scientific decision-making with a modern approach to drug discovery that helps streamline the scientific innovation lifecycle to enable more productive and more innovative drug development."

The new Accelrys Insight helps researchers in conducting an end-to-end scientific decision support workflow in a simple and intuitive way across a collaborative scientific project team.

Major capabilities of Accelrys Insight include access to public and private data, data analysis, reporting, collaboration, and configuration and extensibility.

Accelrys Insight for Excel, which is added to the company's cheminformatics suite, will help scientists using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software in increasing their productivity .

The new solution offers an add-in that teaches Excel about the molecular data type and extends standard excel functionality with filters and functions that can manipulate the data type.